Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA)

Preliminary Ecological Assessments are key document in any planning application as The Local Planning Authority will need to be able to assess the impact of your proposal on wildlife. The presence of protected species and important habitats are of material consideration. The PEA assessment highlights whether or not further surveys are required. 

Protected Species Surveys

If the PEA survey highlights the potential for protected species such as bats, great crested newts, reptiles or badgers (amongst others), further survey work may be required. All our survey work and reporting is completed to the highest standard following industry best practice guidelines.   

GHA Trees
can provide an ecological report that will:

  • Ensure protected species and important habitat has been properly considered.
  • Ensure that a detailed report will allow Local Planning Authorities or Statutory Agencies to assess the impacts of your project.
  • Ensure that effective mitigation and enhancement strategies are in place when required.
  • Take the application through the important ecological aspects of the planning system with minimal delays.

Countryside Management

We are able to offer our clients a bespoke service to implement habitat mitigation works associated with planning applications, or manage existing habitats with our specialist countryside management contractor.