Silviculture is the care and cultivation of woodlands. At GHA Trees we have been experts in Silviculture for over 30 years.


Silviculture is the practice of controlling the growth, composition and also the structure of forests to meet values and needs. Silviculture promotes sustainable quality forests. The name comes from the Latin silvi- and culture. The study of forests and woods is termed silvology. GHA Trees are the experts in the adaption of the very latest techniques in Silviculture. 

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BS5837 Tree Surveys

BS 5837:2012 Tree Surveys
On receipt of a topographical survey or accurate OS plan, we can undertake detailed tree surveys to evaluate the quality and longevity of all trees on and adjacent to a potential development site. This may be a small extension in a rear garden or a larger development containing many trees. We are well placed to evaluate the impact trees may have on developments of any scale.  

AutoCAD Tree Constraints Plan

Tree Sketches Showing Possible Tree Configurations Around Buildings

Following the completion of our detailed tree surveys, tree constraints plans are produced which allow the design team to identify the valuable trees and agree (with necessary input from GHA Trees) strategies for working around these trees. Our site plans and tree constraints plans are produced using AutoCAD to ensure their clarity for the client, architect and local planning authority.

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Arbiculture & Silviculture Expertise

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Arboricultural Impact Assessments

Once a layout has been finalised, we will work with the client and the architect to assess the impact that development proposals may have on the trees and recommend remedial actions to minimise these impacts. We will also make recommendations for protecting trees against potentially harmful construction activities. Our written statements are very detailed and give the local planning authority the information required to give them comfort that the scheme has been well considered in relation to trees.

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We use the Arborshadow system to assess likely shade patterns and how shade may affect proposed developments. This will assist architects with the design and layout of new properties and developments.

Arboricultural Method Statements

Once planning permission has been granted, we will work with the relevant parties to produce pragmatic and sensible arboricultural method statements, detailing how the retained trees will be protected during the build process. This will include detailed tree protection plans (see below) which ensure maximum protection for retained trees, whilst allowing site works to proceed efficiently.

Contract Management

AutoCAD Tree Protection Plans

Our tree protection plans are produced using AutoCAD to ensure their clarity for the local planning authority as well as the site operatives who will use these plans to implement the agreed protection measures.  

Stylized architectural Sketch Showing Trees Around Buildings
Tree Sketches Showing Possible Tree Configurations Around Buildings
Architectural Sketch Of Trees Around Buildings

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Site monitoring

We are able to undertake site monitoring at agreed intervals to ensure planning condition obligations are being met fully. This will also give the you peace of mind that all retained trees are being fully protected, as these trees will undoubtedly enhance the development for the future. This can include pre start and / or regular site meetings as well as site inductions for site managers and site personnel. 

Planting Schemes

We can develop planting schemes which ensure trees of the appropriate species are selected to form part of new developments, choosing trees with appropriate credentials for any given site. We can then produce planting / landscaping plans and specifications to ensure these trees are planted and maintained in order that they will thrive for many generations. 

Advice relating to the Planning System and Tree Preservation Orders.

Our principle consultant previously worked as the Arboricultural Manager within the planning department of a prestigious London Borough. He has detailed knowledge of the planning system and will assist with all matters relating to applying for, and working on trees covered by tree preservation orders or that are located within conservation areas. 

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